HOMECOURT SPORTS Playing Surfaces Reduce Stress And Injury

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HOMECOURT SPORTS Playing Surfaces Reduce Stress And Injury

While some sports-related injuries are random and cannot be attributed to a particular source or circumstance, many can be traced to the unforgiving nature of the court surfaces on which we pursue the games we love. At HOMECOURT SPORTS , the idea of creating a surface built for optimum performance and minimum wear and tear is a dream whose time has come. From gym flooring and outdoor basketball courts to tennis courts, roller hockey rinks, badminton courts and more, HOMECOURT SPORTS is bringing the inherent advantages of its custom designed low impact surface to neighborhoods, schools, gyms, and anywhere else games are played.

HOMECOURT SPORTS’s basketball courts are custom designed using an ingredient that is key in stress reduction. This falls in line with the entire concept of HOMECOURT SPORTS ’s patented surface, which is a modular sports surface committed to orthopedic soundness, the reduction and absorption of impact, and a reduction in lateral and vertical stress. Of course it’s one thing to say a surface will reduce stress, however, and another to be able to prove it. Studies have shown that stress on these surfaces can be reduced by as much as 60 percent, an especially important fact for young athletes whose bodies are still developing and may be more susceptible to sports related injuries.

No matter what the sport, stress reduction is a recurring theme on all of our surfaces. The improved traction our surfaces provide result in optimum performance, and because the constant pounding takes less of a toll, the surface actively works to reduce fatigue as well. It all adds up to an environment where athletes of all ages and skill levels can work in improving their game in the comfort of their own backyard.

A resilient athlete deserves a playing surface that is equally resilient, one that promotes health and optimum performance as only a HOMECOURT SPORTS surface can. And when that surface is just a few steps out the back door then it's a win/win for the entire family. Learn more about the healthiest and safest surfaces on which to enjoy the games you love.

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